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The Hong Kong Government requires companies to submit a financial audit report complying to all accounting standards, so preparation of these reports plays an important role. A timely financial report may reflect the company’s financial position and affect the management and decision-making of the company. To a SMB, hiring a full-time account clerk is extremely costly and many accounting companies charge expensive rates for their service. To solve this issue, we introduce you to .
Starting from $100+ per month
Simply scan or take photos of any documents or receipts and send them over to us.
Updated reports will be readily available to you and you can view financial position anytime, anywhere
City AI Accounting Traditional accounting company
Service charge
Deliver documents No need Yes
Courier fee $0
Loss documents No Possible
Data leaking No
(Data encrypted automatically)
Quick access to bank statements, contracts, loan statements etc.
Upload documents anytime, anywhere
Access to original copies anytime, anywhere
Access financial reports anytime, anywhere
High security protection (use IBM safe cloud server)
T+1 (Day) service
Web + mobile app access
Finger print identification
Multiple authentication protection
Various types of data analysis charts
Know your cash flow status anytime, anywhere
Updated financial reports

The first Fintech accounting service in Hong Kong

Our daily service What you get the next day
Daily account input
Purchase invoice input
Payment out/cash/transfer input
Sales invoice input
Payment in/cash/transfer input
Interest expense/income account input
Travel account input
Entertainment account input
Salary/MPF input
Water/electricity/gas/rental account input
Sundry account input
Bank reconciliation
Cost center analysis
Important documents filing
Annual return submission alert
Profit tax return submission alert
Have access original copies anytime, anywhere
Check the status of each account
Cash flow report
Cash distribution report
AR/AP aging report
AR/AP aging account list
Profit and loss report
Balance sheet
Audit report
Cost center analysis report
AR/AP chart
AR/AP time line chart
Account enquiry
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Mobile accounting service

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If you do not have a scanner on your phone, please search “barcode scanner”
in your App Store (Apple) or in Google Play (Android)

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