Accounting Services For SMEs

City AI Accounting Services For SMEs

The first real AI (Artificial Intelligence) accounting service in the market, subverting your distressed impression of submitting documents, comparing, checking and concluding accounting numbers every month, what you have to do is just a few clicks on your PC or mobile phone

City AI Accounting is using technology to make accounting service convenient, fast and cost-saving

(Accounting service of City AI Accounting only serves the SMB which are non-specificity industries of in Hong Kong)


Affordable and cost-effective

From as low as $100+ per month, you can enjoy our professional one-stop accounting service and save high accounting cost to our customers


Simple and convenient to use

Just scan or take photos of any documents or receipts to our cloud, operation is extremely simple, financial reports can be seen in a second


Accounting status always in your hand

Mobile App or web browser with data synchronization, functions are easy to use and understand, keep grasping your company financial accounts with just a click anytime and anywhere, all accounting reports can be checked at any time to keep grasping the cash flow situation easily


Our cloud Network, secure and reliable

Safe cloud network from IBM, provides a confidential network environment, using confidential website https certificate to prevent any invade and leak of documents. High quality cloud service, quick, safe, confidential with secure and encrypted cloud network to provide reliable service to customers


Paperless management, all document are kept confidentiality

Use Fintech on cloud to submit documents, no courier service is needed, Inquiry login ID with confidential. Different ID with different permission prevents to overstep one's authority


AI Accounting gives you a clear financial status

To break the traditional accounting service by new technology, our real AI accounting service can automatically identify all kinds of documents, classify them to different categories automatically, and organize those accounts systematically

Service Content

City AI Accounting Function Introduction

Financial data analysis

City AI Accounting gives the boss the most easiest way to know their financial status of the company. Various of charts shows all income and expenditure accounts, which are clearly visible, and the cash flow situation can be grasped tightly in your hand

A/R and A/P analysis

Comprehensive tracking to A/R and A/P, multi-dimensional data + chart analysis, convenient and timely to grasp your capital flow, assisting the boss to make business decisions accurately

Financial reports can be seen in a second

Simple operation, all complete financial statements are quickly prepared, effective and efficient. Our customers can check their financial status just in T+1 (day) after uploading documents to cloud

Paperless document management

All updated and accurate reports can be read by mobile or PC anytime anywhere, and even look into all original images of documents, electronic document management to cut out the possibility of document loss, setting different access rights to protect documents confidentiality

Scan or snap photo to documents to cloud, and account check

Log in with exclusive privileges, simply scan/take photos to documents to our cloud, then check and audit accounting status after submitting photos by logging in to our system

City AI Accounting has a team of experienced accountants,

who can provide you with professional auditing services,

to let you focus to your business with peace of mind

City AI Accounting solves your problems and provides professional and considerate

secretarial services


Break the traditional accounting service, and launch a non-paper and creative accounting service, using Fintech on cloud to provide one-stop accounting service which is a simple, quick, cost saving operation. We will arrange professional accountant team to audit, audited reports and profit tax reports will send to Inland Revenue Department. We cut down the time to create all financial reports and let customers to check their financial reports just 1 working day after document receipt.

Using the City AI Accounting service, just scan or take a photo to upload the documents through the City AI Accounting mobile APP, the system will automatically enter the accounting data, and our professional accountants will review them for you, so you can grasp the financial situation at any time and anywhere.

Of course, just complete the following operations: install the mobile app from Apple store or Google play, and upload your daily documents, invoices… etc. to the our cloud, the system can automatically help you manage all accounting works, our professional accountants will review those inpit, you only need to use the mobile app or the web browser to view the input results and various report analysis. If you have any questions, there will be a hotline to help!

A private limited company is generally required to submit an annual return to the Registration office each year, a limited by guarantee company is required to submit an annual return and an audited statement of the financial year.

Companies in Hong Kong are only required to pay profits tax every year. The tax rate for the first HK$2 million of the corporation is 8.25%, and the subsequent profits are taxed at 16.5%; for those sole proprietorships or partnership business, the two-tier profits tax rate is 7.5% and 15% respectively. If the company has no profit, it is not required to pay profits tax.

A shareholder or director aged 18 or above, a Chinese resident or overseas person with a passport or ID card can set up a Hong Kong limited company. In addition, a Hong Kong address must be provided as the registered address, and a Hong Kong resident or a professional company must be appointed as the statutory secretary of the company

The following information is required for deregistration of the company: registration certificate, business registration certificate, the most recent annual return and the most recent financial statement.

You need to provide the following documents for audit work: Profit and loss statement, balance sheet, trial balance, MPF contribution statement, salary statement, salaries tax return, statement of accounts, general ledger, bank statement, sales, purchases and Expenditure receipts, contracts and agreements, loan information, related company information, asset purchase and sale documents, tax office documents, company secretary documents, copies of ID cards and proof of address, audit reports and tax forms for the previous year… etc. Of course, if you use the service of City AI Accounting, all those above will be organized and provided by us.

If you have any questions or want to know more about our accounting services, please feel free to contact us