Other Services For Schools

City AI Accounting
Other Services For Schools

We provide not only professional school entry and audit services, but also professional accounting related services:

Monthly salary and MPF calculation ( including annual IR56B declaration )

Monthly MPF contribution handling

Prepare payment documents, issue bank cheques

IR56B declaration ( paper / electronic filing )

Other Services For Schools

We are familiar with the requirements and practices of the EDB and the operation of schools ( primary, secondary and kindergarten ) in Hong Kong. We understand that school accounting matters need to be handled by a professional accountant or team with school accounting experience. We specialise in accounting, auditing and related services for schools in Hong Kong. We have a professional school accounting team and a professional school accounting system, EDAC, with over 20 years of experience in school services, At the same time, we continue to build on our experience and learn from the new practices and changes that EDB makes each year to keep up with the times in order to provide a more professional and quality service to schools.

* EDAC accounting system is developed by Norray Professional Computer Ltd., which is one of the company of our group

Monthly Salary Service

School may simply provide us with staff information based on our template, we use a professional HR & Payroll system to co-ordinate the school staff's monthly payroll, MPF, leave, personnel, etc.. There are also annual summary statements and annual records from personnel to payroll, so that the school can have a clear overview of their salary status

Monthly MPF Contribution Handling

We are familiar with the processing and requirements of schools' MPF contributions. Our system collates and verifies the schools' monthly MPF contribution data and submits it to the bank or the school's MPF organisation

Prepare Payment Documents, Issue Bank Cheques

We are aware that schools have a lot of accounting administration and issue bank cheque to deal with, and we may provide assistance to this kind of works. We have many years of experience in school accounting services and are familiar with school practices for processing payments and issuing bank cheques, what school need to do is just simply provide their requirement and notification to us

IR56B Declaration
( Paper/Electronic Filing )

IR56B filing is a complicated, tedious and data-intensive task that has to be done and requires someone with knowledge of calculation or accounting to ensure that the data is accurate and complete.
Use our IR56B filing service, we have our professional staff to process and submit those forms to the IRD on time without any hassle

We will provide IR56B filing for that year for free when school uses our annual monthly payroll service

If you have any questions or want to know more about our accounting services, please feel free to contact us