Accounting Services For Schools


City AI Accounting
Accounting Services For Schools

We provide professional accounting service for schools:

We have rich experience in handling school accounting and funding accounts.

We clearly understand the uses and time limits of the various primary, secondary schools and kindergarten allowances

For example, the Primary and Secondary School Grants:

Capacity Enhancement Grant (CEG)、Composite Information Technology Grant (CITG)、Diversity Learning Grant (DLG)、Life-wide Learning Grant (LWL)、Teacher Relief Grant (TRG) etc.

Kindergarten Grants:

Do it Yourself Handicraft and Learning Package Scheme、Arrangement of Rates and Government Rent、Powerpoint slides on Grant for Support to NCS Students、Smart Kindergarten Grant etc.

Accounting Input Services For Schools

City AI Accounting can provide a professional school accounting service, our team have extensive experience in handling school government accounts and school funding accounts; Being familiar with EDB grant income and expenditure, and how grants from non-profit organisations (e.g. QE Fund, IT-Lab, We Can) should be reflected in the statement. To keep track of the latest grants and usage by the EDB to schools each year, and to record them in the appropriate subvention categories according to the corresponding income and expenditure, purchases, etc. in a clear and non confusing manner. EDAC Professional Accounting System* is the system we use to manage all school accounting works, the system is set up in accordance with the requirements of the Hong Kong EDB.

* EDAC accounting system is developed by Norray Professional Computer Ltd., which is one of the company of our group

Provide mobile APP to upload accounting documents

Upload accounting documents to us by either mobile APP or scan to email

We use EDAC professional accounting system for data entry

City AI Accounting provide weekly accounting statements

Kindergarten Reports



Primary/Secondary School Reports




CAIA uses EDAC Professional Accounting System, which specially develops for Hong Kong schools and designed according to EDB requirements. More than 400 schools are using EDAC system in Hong Kong, and it has received very good comment.

a. Scan and email those documents that need to be entered to accounting system to CAIA,all documents are saftly kept in school to avoid transportation loss and transform to electronic files.
b. Courier documents to our office.
c. Put the files in google drive or onr drive and share to CAIA.

CAIA can also help schools with the following administrative tasks to reduce the burden to schools: Prepare payment documents, Assist with issue salary service, Handle MPF Contributions (MPF), Handle Annual Employer’s Return (IR56B).

CAIA is very familiar with the accounting work of Hong Kong primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and EDB requirements. EDAC accounting system is developed by Norray Professional Computer Ltd., which is one of the company of our group. Both CAIA and Norray have colleagues who are responsible for school projects. They often provide each other with the latest information on EDB, and communicate with each other about the requirements and changes of EDB each year, so as to achieve a multiplier effect and better serve the school.

No problem, if your school does not have professional accounting staff, City AI Accounting school data entry service can help you. You just need to take photos to or scan documents which are related to accounting that need to be entered, we will help you to settle all accounting works. Of course, If your school has a professional accountanting staff, you can purchase EDAC Professional Accounting System, which is developed by Norray Porfessional Computer Ltd. (our group company) for accounting input work

If you have any questions or want to know more about our accounting services, please feel free to contact us