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Why is a company secretary necessary when setting up a company?

According to Hong Kong laws, it's mandatory to appoint a qualified company secretary when establishing a limited company. This secretary can be a resident of Hong Kong or a secretary firm holding a license and primarily operating within Hong Kong. This statutory requirement is crucial as the company secretary ensures all essential documents of the company are submitted on time to avoid penalties, establishing a robust governance framework for the company's legal operations.

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A private limited company is generally required to submit an annual return to the Registration office each year, a limited by guarantee company is required to submit an annual return and an audited statement of the financial year.
A shareholder or director aged 18 or above, a Chinese resident or overseas person with a passport or ID card can set up a Hong Kong limited company. In addition, a Hong Kong address must be provided as the registered address, and a Hong Kong resident or a professional company must be appointed as the statutory secretary of the company
The following information is required for deregistration of the company: registration certificate, business registration certificate, the most recent annual return and the most recent financial statement.
In Hong Kong, a company secretary is a professional administrative executive whose status is legally safeguarded and established as a statutory position within a limited company. Their primary function is to ensure the legal and regulatory compliance of business operations, while also playing a crucial role in corporate governance. They are responsible for maintaining, updating, and safeguarding statutory registers, arranging director and shareholder meetings, preparing and timely submitting annual returns, and assisting the company with data changes, among other duties.
Due to the frequent and rapid changes in company ordinances and related regulations, the role of a company secretary has become even more crucial. One of their key responsibilities is to ensure the company’s adherence to relevant ordinances, ensuring compliant operations and avoiding consequences such as fines due to non-compliance.

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