[Hong Kong Company Registration] Can an Individual Open a Limited Company in Hong Kong? How to Do It?

[Hong Kong Company Registration]
Can an Individual Open a Limited Company in Hong Kong?
How to Do It?

Hong Kong Company Registration

On the global business stage, Hong Kong has consistently attracted many entrepreneurs and investors with its efficient market mechanisms and straightforward company registration processes. This article will delve into the question: Can an individual open a limited company in Hong Kong? The answer is yes!

Is It Feasible for an Individual to Open a Limited Company in Hong Kong?

According to the Companies Ordinance, an individual can establish a limited company while serving as the sole director and shareholder. This provides significant flexibility for solo entrepreneurship. However, an important point to note is the role of the company secretary. According to the regulations, the establishment of a limited company must have a company secretary, and if it is an individual, they must reside in Hong Kong. If a corporate secretary is appointed, it must be established in Hong Kong and hold a Trust or Company Service Provider License (TCSP).

In addition, the company also requires a registered address in Hong Kong, and a P.O. Box address cannot be used. For solo entrepreneurs in the initial stages, registering with a residential address might be considered, but there is a risk of rejection during registration, leading to necessary changes. Using a commercial address eliminates this concern.

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Solo Entrepreneurship - Renting an Office is Too Expensive, How to Solve Address Issues and Simplify Company Registration?

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