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Do You need to Setup a Company to run an Online Store in Hong Kong? Can You Use Your Personal Account to Receive Payments?

In this digital age, running an online store has become a popular choice for many people seeking new business opportunities. However, setting up and operating an online store is not straightforward; you need to understand and follow many rules and regulations to ensure the legality and successful operation of your business. Many customers have consulted us about whether they need to setup a company to run an online store and whether they can use their personal accounts to receive payments. This article will answer these questions for you!
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【DTSPP】What Is The Digital Transformation Support Pilot Programme (DTSPP)? How To Apply?

In Hong Kong, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) now have a new opportunity to upgrade their businesses. The Digital Transformation Support Pilot Program (DTSPP) is a government-initiated initiative that provides funding support for the food and retail sectors, enabling them to more easily adopt digital technologies. … Read More

[Hong Kong Company Registration] Can an Individual Open a Limited Company in Hong Kong? How to Do It?

On the global business stage, Hong Kong has consistently attracted many entrepreneurs and investors with its efficient market mechanisms and straightforward company registration processes. This article will delve into the question: Can an individual open a limited company in Hong Kong? The answer is yes! … Read More

Establishing a Limited Company? Pay Attention to These Key Points to Avoid Pitfalls

Today, we’re sharing five accounting pitfalls to avoid when setting up a Hong Kong limited company to ensure your business doesn’t encounter unnecessary troubles. Here’s a summary and further explanation of the video content: … Read More

[Labor Holidays] What Days Are the 2024 Labor Holidays? How Do They Differ from Public Holidays

As 2023 draws to a close, the arrival of 2024 brings forth new opportunities and holiday arrangements. Understanding the requirements outlined in the Employment Ordinance is crucial for both employers and employees. This article will provide the 2024 calendar for labor holidays and public holidays in Hong Kong, shedding light on their differences. … Read More

CI Number to Be Discontinued? Get Updated on Hong Kong Registry’s Latest Policy in 2 Minutes!

Starting from December 27, 2023, the Hong Kong company documents will undergo the following changes:
1.Hong Kong’s specification of business nature will require compliance with designated form codes and will no longer accept customer self-editing. The selection of industry scope will be subject to controls.
2.Hong Kong company documentation will merge the CI Number, eliminating the registration number, and the Business Registration Certificate number will serve as the sole business identifier for companies. … Read More

What is an Industry Scheme? Enhancing Employer Convenience and Reducing Burden

What is an Industry Scheme?The industry scheme is a Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) plan designed for temporary employees in the construction and catering industries. It aims to ensure that these short-term workers, even if employed for just a day, are required by their employers to participate in the Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme and make contributions. … Read More

Why Is Your Bank Account Frozen? Check If It’s Due to These Factors

When a bank account gets frozen, it can cause panic or inconvenience, especially when you need to withdraw or conduct transactions. However, banks don’t freeze accounts lightly; it’s often done to regulate and safeguard the flow of funds. Bank accounts are crucial for individuals and businesses, serving as the core of financial operations. Let’s delve into the reasons causing a bank account to freeze, helping you better understand this issue. … Read More

Requirements for Registered Office Address in Hong Kong and Procedure for Changing registered office address

In Hong Kong, the registered office address is a vital step in the company registration process. The registered office address not only serves as the company’s operational location but also significantly impacts its business operations. … Read More

Why is Auditing Essential for Companies in Hong Kong? The Significance of Auditing

Auditing is a highly crucial practice, especially for limited companies. It plays an indispensable role in enhancing financial planning, strengthening internal management, optimizing taxation, and elevating a company’s brand image. It is a pivotal aspect for the overall development of a company. … Read More