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肺炎疫情期間,會計界同業未能北上核數,影響波及上市公司公布業績,業界叫苦連天;中小企業同樣面對嚴峻考驗,除生意一落千丈,又要安排同事在家工作,老闆們身兼數職,百般滋味在心頭。筆者近日發現了一套人工智能會計系統,不單疫情期間可大派用場,相信未來能改變整個會計界生態。 … Read More

Accounting & Finance Show

An Accounting & Finance Show Hong Kong 2019 was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in 25-26 September 2019, Mr. Emil Chan, President of the Association of Cloud and Mobile Computing Professionals, came to the scene to share financial technology and RPA, and introduced the functions and vision of cAia (City Ai Accounting)! … Read More

ITAA 20th Anniversary Dinner and IPO Alliance Establishment Ceremony

City AI Accounting and a group of accountants were invited to the 20th Anniversary Dinner event. … Read More

City AI Accounting Trip to Malaysia

Our CTO – Mr. Samson Chow, Sales Manager – Tracy Leung, and Accounting Supervisor – Moon Tam on behalf of City AI Accounting were invited to Malaysia to participate in the award ceremony of the “International Corporate Impact Award”. … Read More


Due to the needs of the company’s development, the company’s Chinese name “領航拓展有限公司” and English name “IDMS Assets Holding Limited” have been changed to “城市智能會計有限公司” and “City AI Accounting Limited” accordingly. … Read More

MobileWork ‧ Easy to HANDLE your accounting works

A join conference called Mobile Work ‧ Easy to HANDLE your accounting works held by City account and IBM in Taikoo Place of IBM conference site on 4th August. The activity still ran smoothly even though the weather was bad that day, many SMB have registered early before the start time of activity to show their support. They all hoped to experience and learn the new management way of mobile cloud accounting service. … Read More

Introduction of City account by Economic Daily – Create a new prospect of account service for SMB.

Economic Daily sent journalists to interview and witness the conference of city account on 20th July. City account is devoted to setting up a new account service era, using technology to lead the traditional business keep pace with time. The implementation of this concept has not only been supported by many accountants, but also by IBM’s technical support and cooperation. IBM provides powerful support of cloud for City account, it helps to enhance network security, and keep customers’ data confidential. … Read More

Conference of City AI Accounting Review on 20th July

20th July.2017 is the date of City account conference, we came to Sportful Garden Restaurant that day, and witnessed to this historical moment with more than 200 people, such as professional accountants, lawyers, and head of SMB. … Read More