Moved? Don’t Forget to Update Your Address to Avoid Tax Issues!

Don't Forget to Update Your Address to Avoid Tax Issues!

Update Your Address

Moving can keep you busy for a while, but when you have some free time, don't forget to update your mailing address, especially when it comes to taxes. According to the Tax Ordinance, if your address changes, you must notify the tax authorities within one month to comply with legal obligations. Otherwise, you may face fines and other tax-related issues.

However, don't worry; this article will tell you how to easily complete this process:

Methods for Changing Your Mailing Address

1.Fill out Form IR1249: Download the form, fill in your new address, and then send it to the tax authorities. It's a straightforward process, just make sure to provide accurate information.

2.Write a Letter to Notify the Tax Authorities: In addition to downloading Form IR1249, you can also write a letter yourself to inform the tax bureau of your address change.

3.Update on the "Tax Return - Individuals" Form: When you fill out your annual tax return, you can update your mailing address on the form. This is a convenient method as you are already providing relevant information during the tax filing process.

4.Use Online Change Methods: Utilize services like "GovHK" or "eTAX" for a quick address change.

Whether you're an individual taxpayer or a company, it's crucial to notify the tax authorities of your correct mailing address. This ensures you receive important documents and notifications promptly while avoiding unnecessary hassles and penalties. Enjoy your new home with peace of mind regarding your tax records! If you find the address change process troublesome and need assistance, feel free to contact us

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